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PTRC Launches Its White Paper: CCS Potential in the Heavy Oil Regions of Saskatchewan and Alberta

PTRC is pleased to release its first White Paper on the potential for carbon capture utilization and storage in the heavy oil regions of Canada.  The White Paper, co-written by the PTRC's Director of Operations Erik Nickel and Manger of Operations Matt Nasehi, highlights the challenges and opportunities for CO2 storage in both deep saline formations and heavy oil reservoirs.  The…

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Aquistore has now stored 325,000 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to taking 81,000 cars off the road for one year

The Aquistore Project now has permanently stored 325 kT of CO2 from SaskPower's Boundary Dam Carbon Capture Unit.     

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Aquistore Zoom Webinar

One May 12, 2020, PTRC held a webinar focused on our Aquistore project. With over 96 participants in attendance, the update was well received. The Aquistore site represents the largest and most extensive field laboratory in the world for the measurement, monitoring and verification of injected carbon dioxide. The project recently surpassed 300,000 tonnes of stored carbon dioxide from…

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Aquistore Featured in Latest Issue of the Carbon Capture Journal

PTRC's Aquistore project surpassed 300,000 tonnes of stored CO2 this month, and a review of its past five years of research can be found in the latest issue of the Carbon Capture Journal, a United Kingdom based publication.  You can view the article in PDF form by clicking below, or visit the CCJ website to subscribe.  

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