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PTRC Announces the Appointment of a New CEO and President

For Release: February 14, 2022  (To downlosd or view the PDF of this announcement, and for contact information, click here)   The Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC) and its Board of Directors announce today the appointment of Mr. Ranjith (Ran) Narayanasamy as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer and President.   Mr. Narayanasamy comes to the PTRC…

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Aquistore Completes First Crosswell Seismic Survey Since CO2 Injection Began

One of the objectives of the Aquistore project – which has seen over 393 kilotonnes of CO2 injected 3.2 km underground into a deep saline formation – has been to track the growth of the CO2 plume over time. To date, this has been accomplished by surface-based 4D seismic imaging (4 time-lapse images have been produced since injection began) and PND logging in the observation well. 4D…

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Congratulations to Zeinab Movahedzadeh, PTRC's Coordinator of Projects, on her Professional Engineer Designation

Zeinab Movahedzadeh received word this week – after extensive exams and reviews – that she has been awarded her P. Eng. from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geologists of Saskatchewan (APEGS).  Congratulations from all your colleagues at the PTRC.

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PTRC Begins Preliminary Work at Aquistore Site for Cross Well Seismic Survey

Pipeline OnLine has published an interview with PTRC's Zeinab Movahedzadeh on the preliminary work being done at the Aquistore site in preparation for a crosswell survy being proposed for November.  Read the article HERE. 

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