PTRC has broadened and deployed its subsurface expertise to include geothermal energy production for the purposes of district heating technologies.  Current expertise is focussed on Saskatchewan, but projects can be addressed in any jursidictions with significant subsurface heat. PTRC is a member of Geothermal Canada


In 1979, a deep geothermal test well was drilled at the University of Regina campus 2 km down testing the Winnipeg and Deadwood Aquifers. Much was learned about the productive capacity of these aquifers and their potential as a reliable source of heat energy. From Regina southwards towards Estevan, and the US border, the aquifers become deeper and the water becomes warmer, moving from 60° C at Regina to about 115° C at the US border. This heat range is very suitable for direct heating applications, replacing the use of natural gas to provide equivalent heating.  


Current Projects Underway and Completed by PTRC

City of Regina Geothermal Heating for Its New Aquatic Facility

PTRC prepared a geothermal feasibility study to provide an emissions-free source of building heat for the city’s new aquatic facility in early 2023.  It is hoped this study will allow the City to receive federal funding from the Investing in Canada Infrastructure program (ICIP). The total project budget is $189.2 million, of which $28.5 is designated for the geothermal portion of the project.

 The feasibility study included injection and producer wells as part of the proposal and costing estimates.  City of Regina’s council approved the project on March 8th, pending funding from the ICIP program, and it is expected to go forward to a full FEED study in late 2023. See the following link to the CBC article on the approval of the project.

City of Estevan Geothermal for Municpal and Industry District Heating

PTRC has just completed a feasibility study for the City of Estevan examining the best surface location, surface facilities, placement of wells, and subsurface formations of choice for the optimization of geothermal heating for industrial and municipal building.  A final feasibility report has been delivered with a suggestion for next steps for a possible test well in the region. See the PTRC's press release on this project.


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