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Williston Basin Conference - A Student's Perspective on Energy from the Earth

By Ryan Albert (PTRC Summer Student) The WBPC (Williston Basin Petroleum Conference) was held in Regina at the Delta Hotel from May 17-18 with representations from oil & gas, mining and other innovative industries. I was privileged as a summer student for PTRC to attend, to experience and network with the many astonishing, innovative companies. The conference hosted over 400…

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Energy From the Earth - A Student's Perspective

  Energy From the Earth - A Student's Perspective  by Hibba Syeda The annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference was held at the Delta Hotel during the week of May 16, 2022, which I had the privilege of attending as a student on behalf of the Petroleum Technology Research Center (PTRC). Over 400 plus attendees from various industries had gathered to discuss the importance…

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Industry-Funded Science: What's All the Fuss About?

Since the PTRC’s inception in 1998, industry dollars have been brought together with funding from both the provincial and federal government to conduct research in targeted areas of science. With the Government of Canada recently announcing that subsidies would no longer be going to companies for the expansion of hydrocarbon resources, what does such an announcement mean for scientists…

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Risky business: Understanding the role of risk in the development of a CCUS project

Risk, a word we are all familiar with. Especially now, in the dog days of this pandemic, we think a lot about risk. What activities might be “risky” and what are not, and what is an acceptable level of risk. When we speak with our financial advisors, we get asked “what level of risk are you comfortable with?”, or when we confer with doctors, the risks of certain activities…

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