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The Boilermakers of American Launch a New Film about the Economic Impacts of Carbon Capture and Storage

PTRC was pleased to have our Director of Research Erik Nickel participate in this important informational film about how CCS can contribute to sustainable communities. For a full press release on this movie visit   https://www.cleanerfutureccs.org/images/CCSinnovation10_1_18.pdf .  The movie can be viewed by clicking on the link to picture below.    

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PTRC Celebrates Its Twentieth Anniversary with Reception, Dinner and One-day Conference

The Petroleum Technology Research Centre, the province of Saskatchewan’s premiere research organization for the funding and support of innovative technologies for the oil and gas industry, is celebrating its 20th Anniversary with a reception and dinner on the night of September 12th, and a full day conference on September 13th.  Both events are occurring at Government House in Regina.…

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PTRC's Heavy Oil Research Network Approves Ten Projects for Current Fiscal Year

The PTRC has approved ten research projects, arising from the Request For Proposals completed this February, for funding as part of the HORNET program.  The table below includes the project titles and research organization in receipt of funding. Project Organization Actual Effects of Porous Medium and Pressure Drawdown on Foamy Oil Flow and Oil…

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PTRC and SRC announce the arrival of a new high-resolution CT-Scanner for use in characterizing rock core

The Saskatchewan Research Council’s Energy Division, located at the PTRC Building in Innovation Park in Regina, has been a hive of activity in the past month with the installation and commissioning of a brand new X5000 industrial x-ray CT-scanner.  The PTRC’s purchase of the device, which received an $800,000 investment from Western Economic Diversification Canada, was…

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