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Aquistore Surpasses 275,000 Tonnes of Stored CO2

January proved to be an exciting time for PTRC's Aquistore project in Estevan, Saskatchewan.   As part of an ongoing 4D seismic survey of the CO2 injected at the site, an extensive team of researchers and workers prepared and set off shots of dynamite to send sound waves into the reservoir. These waves return to the surface and are read by receiving technologies to…

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Brr! Warm Up with Our January Newsletter!

Check out our January newsletter by clicking the link: https://mailchi.mp/ptrc/brrr-warm-up-with-our-january-newsletter Features include: 1. Aquistore: Revving Things Up in Winter 2. PTRC's Video Library Shapes Up: Take a Gander! 3. Heaby Oil Research Network to Issue New Request for Proposals in Late January

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PTRC's Aquistore Project has Sequestered 9% of the 3 Million Tonnes of CO2 Captured from SaskPower’s Boundary Dam Carbon Capture Plant

The Petroleum Technology Research Centre congratulates SaskPower on achieving the milestone of 3 million tonnes of CO2 captured from its Boundary Dam Unit 3 Carbon Capture Facility.   As managers of the Aquistore CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project, the PTRC is proud to have taken upwards of 12% of that captured CO2 (over 255,0000 tonnes) and permanently sequestered it 3.4 kilometres…

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Bundle Up! Our November Newsletter is Here!

Check out our November newsletter by clicking the link: https://mailchi.mp/ptrc/septembernewsletter-998467 Features include: 1. "All Systems Go!" 2. "Aquistore Annual General Meeting Success" 3. "IEA EOR Presentations" 4. "Crossing Borders to Find Solutions on CO2 Storage"

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