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Talking Oil and Gas in a Time of Pandemic

Let me start this blog by saying that I turn 59 this year.  In the midst of this pandemic I always seem right on the cusp of concern and recovery.    Concern because the impact of contracting COVID once you turn 60 increases if the statistics are any indication.  On the cusp of recovery because I’ve been following Saskatchewan Health Authority tweets about the…

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Energy from the Earth: Expanding the role of the oilfield expert to new opportunities

New Opportunities for Oil and Gas Experts By Erik Nickel, Director of Operations, PTRC   For years, reservoir engineering, including that taught so well at the University of Regina, was all about oil and gas, and how to maximize and optimize the production of it.   As a petroleum geologist, I have been for many years involved in similar pursuits of oil and gas, whether with…

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ISO Standards for Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage: a critical requirement to facilitate global implementation of CCS

PTRC’s Manager of Operations, Matt Nasehi, is one of the Canadian representatives on the International Organization for Standard’s (ISO) Technical Committee (ISO/TC-265) setting global CCS standards. He previously worked with the CSA establishing the Canadian CCS standards that were completed in 2012, and which have been used to inform the work of the international…

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CO2 EOR, Storage and Decarbonization of Saskatchewan's Oil and Gas

Welcome to PTRC's Very First Blog.  I have had the pleasure of being the President and CEO of PTRC for over 3 years, building on the success of an organization that is into its 22nd year of research in the oil and gas industry in Saskatchewan, Canada and around the world. I would like to use the BLOG forum to further convey and discuss our activities on a more personal level than the…

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