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International Energy Agency Enhanced Oil Recovery Symposium and Workshop, August 26-30th 2012

The Call for Papers for the 33rd Annual IEAEOR Conference in Symposium, to be held at Government House in Regina, Saskatchewan, has come to an end.  Some 47 papers have now been accepted for presentation, and another 14 approved for posters. Researchers and scientists interested in attending the event should register by visiting the website at www.iea-eor2012.com.  The Executive…

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The PTRC has approved 3 million dollars in new enhanced oil recovery research projects

The technical advisory group of the STEPS Business-Led Network of Centres of Excellence Program met in early February 2012 to approve some 3 million dollars in enhanced oil recovery research projects proposed by renowned researchers from different universities and research organizations, including the Universities of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Regina, Calgary and the Saskatchewan Research…

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Western Economic Partnership Agreement Announces Funding for PTRC Research

The Government of Canada (Western Diversification) and the Government of Saskatchewan (Enterprise Saskatchewan) jointly announced $900,000 in funding for two PTRC research programs through the Western Economic Partnership Agreement.  The research – focusing on reducing the use and impacts of water on the oil industry and an additional program to examine naturally occurring nutrient…

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PTRC to host the 33rd Annual IEAEOR Symposium in Regina, August 26 to 30, 2012

As part of its commitment to cutting-edge research, development and deployment of new technologies to help improve the recovery of difficult-to-access hydrocarbon resources, and to fulfill its commitment to improve the environmental impacts of oil production, the PTRC will be the host of the International Energy Agency Enhanced Oil Recovery Symposium this August in Regina.  The event, which…

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