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Micro sensor motes successfully travel through a Canadian heavy oil reservoir

What was once believed to be impossible became a reality on November 16th: micro sensor motes were successfully sent into a Canadian heavy oil reservoir through an injection well and retrieved via a production well. This exciting result is from a field trial conducted by the PI Innovation Centre – a joint venture of the Canadian Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC) and its…

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Presentation on Fracking at the Weyburn Energy Innovation Centre Now Available

Bethany Kurz of the Energy and Environmental Research Centre in Grand Forks, North Dakota, gave a presentation in Weyburn on November 7th on hydraulic fracturing. The information, presented to a full house, covered the history, nature, science and technology of 'fracking' as it known in popular culture, and also addressed many of the public questions around this important hydrocarbon…

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November 7th 7PM, PTRC invites you to a presentation on FRACKING

The Petroleum Technology Research Centre is pleased to begin a series of presentations for the general public at the Weyburn Energy Innovation Centre, located on the second floor at City Hall in Weyburn, on November 7th beginning at 7 PM.  The Weyburn Energy Innovation Centre was established in 2011 to help inform the people of Weyburn and area about the CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery…

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University of Regina Awards PTRC Scholarship for 2012-13

The University of Regina has awarded the PTRC's 10th Anniversary Graduate Student Scholarship to Ms. Tayebeh Jamshidi, a student pursuing her Masters of Applied Science in Petroleum Systems Engineering.  The PTRC is delighted to provide this award, for $5000.  For information on the scholarship, contact the University of Regina's Graduate Studies and Research Office.

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