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PTRC-INCAS3 Innovation Centre Announces New Consortium to Advance Enhanced Oil Recovery

The improvement of recovery rates and environmental impacts for the North American oil and gas industry are the focus of a new international consortium established today to develop and deploy leading-edge technologies.  The consortium will wed Canadian enhanced oil recovery knowhow with Dutch high technology development; the potential economic impact through incremental increases in oil…

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The Petroleum Technology Research Centre Releases its 2011-12 Financial Annual Report

To view the report please click here.

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Presentation on Micro-Earthquakes Now Available

The presentation by Dr. Don Gendzwill, professor emeritus at University of Saskatchewan, on induced seismicity and micro-earthquakes at the Weyburn field, is now available for viewing.  Click here to download the PDF version of the presentation.

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December 12th: Micro-Earthquakes, Oil and Gas Activity, and CO2 Injection

Get the facts at the Weyburn Energy Innovation Centre (City Hall in Weyburn) on Wednesday December 12th at 7 pm, as Dr. Don Gendzwill of the University of Saskatchewan talks about seismicity, CO2 injection, enhanced oil recovery, and research from the Weyburn-Midale Project.  Everyone is welcome and refreshments will be served.  Click here for more details

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