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The Petroleum Technology Research Centre Releases its 2011-12 Financial Annual Report

To view the report please click here.

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Presentation on Micro-Earthquakes Now Available

The presentation by Dr. Don Gendzwill, professor emeritus at University of Saskatchewan, on induced seismicity and micro-earthquakes at the Weyburn field, is now available for viewing.  Click here to download the PDF version of the presentation.

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December 12th: Micro-Earthquakes, Oil and Gas Activity, and CO2 Injection

Get the facts at the Weyburn Energy Innovation Centre (City Hall in Weyburn) on Wednesday December 12th at 7 pm, as Dr. Don Gendzwill of the University of Saskatchewan talks about seismicity, CO2 injection, enhanced oil recovery, and research from the Weyburn-Midale Project.  Everyone is welcome and refreshments will be served.  Click here for more details

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Micro sensor motes successfully travel through a Canadian heavy oil reservoir

What was once believed to be impossible became a reality on November 16th: micro sensor motes were successfully sent into a Canadian heavy oil reservoir through an injection well and retrieved via a production well. This exciting result is from a field trial conducted by the PI Innovation Centre – a joint venture of the Canadian Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC) and its…

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