The Petroleum Technology Research Centre is pleased to begin a series of presentations for the general public at the Weyburn Energy Innovation Centre, located on the second floor at City Hall in Weyburn, on November 7th beginning at 7 PM.  The Weyburn Energy Innovation Centre was established in 2011 to help inform the people of Weyburn and area about the CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery operataions at the Weyburn and Midale oil fields, as well as the research being conducted in consort with those operations.


Fracking is not a part of those operations, but the PTRC has had some requests for more information on this technology.  Come and join us for refreshments and to hear Bethany Kurz from the University of North Dakota's Energy and Environmental Research Centre discuss fracking and how it is being done, in particular, in the Bakken Formation. Stay around afterwards and visit the displays at the Centre.