Other Committees

Aside from the Board of Directors, the PTRC is governed in its various functions by different committees. These committees work to advise the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer on issues related to the operating of the company.

Founders Committee

The Founders Committee is an assemblage of representatives from the initial partners who established the PTRC. These four partners include Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), the Government of Saskatchewan (Ministry of Energy and Resources), the Saskatchewan Research Council and the University of Regina. The Founders Committee provides guidance and advice to the Board of Directors concerning membership, strategic direction, financial management and operation of the corporation.

Audit and Finance

This standing committee, appointed annually by the Board of Directors, acts as a liaison between the auditor and the corporation’s financial management, overseeing the integrity of the corporation’s financial procedures. The Chair of the Board of Directors shall be a member of this committee.

Governance/Human Resources

This is a standing committee of the Board of Directors and provides recommendations for changesto increase the effectiveness of the board, and identifies processes for recruiting, appointing and providing ongoing development for directors. The committee also provides recommendations for meeting human resource and compensation matters for employees of the PTRC. The committee also nominates new directors for approval of the board.

Management Committee

The Management Committee assures the ongoing communication and collaboration between the PTRC management and the founding members of the corporation, effectivly eliminating any issues or barriers between the two. It facilitates the development of joint research programs and projects while providing guidance to the PTRC’s Chief Executive Officer in effectively delivering those programs. The committee also assists the PTRC in the promotion of its activities.

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