Is the PTRC part of the University of Regina or the Saskatchewan Research Council?

No, the PTRC is a stand-alone not-for-profit corporation that funds and manages research programs in enhanced oil recovery and carbon storage.  It funds organizations such as universities and research councils, but it is not a part of, nor a subsidiary of any university or other research organizations.  Both the University of Regina’s Engineering Faculty and the Saskatchewan Research Council’s Energy Division have employees and labs in the PTRC’s building.

Does the PTRC work with graduate students?

Not directly.  The PTRC’s research partners, who receive funding from us, often hire and train graduate students and post graduate fellows.  Students who are interested in conducting research in enhanced oil recovery or carbon capture and storage should direct their queries to the universities and research councils receiving funding from the PTRC, and not to the PTRC itself.

Where is the PTRC located?

The PTRC is situated in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, in the Innovation Place Business Park beside the University of Regina’s Campus.  It is located in a building named after the organization.  The street address is:
220, 6 Research Drive
Regina, SK, Canada
S4S 7J7

Does the PTRC conduct research?

No.  The PTRC manages and directs research, and shapes research programs, but does not conduct the research itself.  Staff at the PTRC include geologists, engineers, communicators and administrative professionals who work to create innovative research programs that will help oil recovery become more efficient and environmentally friendly, and to raise funding from governments, corporations and agencies. 

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