The Project

The Saskatchewan Phanerozoic Fluids and Petroleum Systems project is examining how basins, hydrocarbons and other fluids in the Saskatchewan subsurface have evolved over geologic time. 

Aspects of the study include mapping the hydrogeology Saskatchewan’s subsurface, filling gaps in the southwest and northwest parts of the province and ultimately providing seamless hydrogeologic maps of the Phanerozoic succession in Saskatchewan.  The distribution of heat within the sedimentary package will be evaluated to provide geothermic data for petroleum systems modeling.  New organic geochemical data will be generated and added to a database that will be made publically available and that describes the distribution and nature of organic matter.  These data will be incorporated into state-of-the-art 3D models describing the maturation, generation and migration of petroleum into, and within, Saskatchewan.

The Team

Dr. Stephen Bend of the University of Regina and Dr. Ben Rostron of the University of Alberta are principal investigators in this project.  They are training and leading a team of graduate students, adding capacity to the petroleum geosciences program at both of these universities.  Expertise and guidance is also being provided by Petroleum Geologists from the Petroleum Geology Branch of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources.

This project continues the Petroleum Technology Research Centre’s role in building petroleum research capabilities critical to the future of an energy-secure Canada. 

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