What is a Phanerozoic Fluid?

Phanerozoic fluids refer to fluids, such as natural gas, oil, and water (brine) that are present in pore spaces in the Phanerozoic strata of Saskatchewan deep underground.

Why is it important to map these fluids in Saskatchewan's subsurface?

By learning more about where these fluids currently reside, and what they are made up of geochemically, we can infer where they came from, and where they may be moving in the future. Finding out where, when and how oil was generated is of great interest to oil companies since they can explore for new oil plays along oil migration pathways that the project would delineate. For geological CO2 storage, it is important to know where the fluids are going, since they will carry the CO2 along with it.

What benefits does this project have to Saskatchewan and Canada?

This project will provide a regional compilation of many different types of data and synthesize it into one basin model at a scale and level of detail rarely before seen. This will allow companies to explore for oil more efficiently, delineate hydrothermal opportunities better, know more about long-term CO2 storage, and better manage any other number of industrial opportunities that involve the subsurface of Saskatchewan.

Where can I get access to the results of this project?

Research results will be available in a final report that will be posted at this website, under publications, in 2013.  Individual research papers are available from the periodicals in which the principal researchers have published such as the Saskatchewan Geological Survey Summary of Investigations.  Contact the PTRC if you have a specific publication you are interested in getting and we may be able to direct you to the right researcher.

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