Since 1998 the Petroleum Technology Research Centre has been facilitating enhanced oil recovery research leading to demonstration projects, with a particular focus on improving the recovery from Saskatchewan’s (and Canada’s) difficult-to-access heavy oil reserves.


The PTRC’s Heavy Oil Research Network (HORNET) has a particular focus on improving recovery from existing heavy oil reservoirs that are experiencing low (under 10%) recovery rates.  Each incremental increase (1%) in oil recovery from Saskatchewan’s 22 billion barrels of heavy oil-in-place means billions of additional dollars in revenues and economic activity for the province. 

HORNET brings together public and industry funders to help design the research program and approve the projects that go forward.  Click here to read about our current and ongoing research projects.  EOR research has also included a number of field trials (see JIVE project) and PTRC will be announcing in 2018 a new field demonstration of a vapour extraction technology.





STEPS stands for Sustainable Technologies for Energy Production Systems, a program that ran at the PTRC from 2008 until 2013.  Final reports from these years of research, as well as final reports on work conducted on enhanced oil recovery by the PTRC prior to 2008, are contained in the PTRC’s Research Library of results.  Contact PTRC for consideration of a password to gain access to the research library.


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