The PTRC manages consortia projects, bringing together industry and government to help fund research that is crucial to the environmental and economical recovery of hydrocarbons.  Our current projects, described more fully and listed in the links contained in the drop-down menus above, include:

  • Sustainable Technologies for Energy Production Systems:  An Enhanced Oil Recovery Business-Led Centre of Excellence.  There are over 40 currently operating smaller projects within this comprehensive program looking into the more effective extraction of Western Canada’s light, medium and heavy crude oils, as well as bitumen and oil shales.
  • Aquistore: The world’s first integrated carbon capture, transport, injection and storage project.
  • Saskatchewan Phanerozoic Fluids and Petrolem Systems:  A project that is seeking to map the location and movement of fluids in the Saskatchewan subsurface.

The PTRC has also completed two very important projects related to enhanced oil recovery and carbon storage:

  • The IEAGHG Weyburn-Midale CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project:  Research examining the long-term storage of CO2 in depleted oil reservoirs.  The Weyburn-Midale oil fields have the most CO2 injected underground of any location in the world.
  • Joint Implementation of Vapour Extraction (JIVE):  This three year project took vapour extraction technology to the field in three different reservoirs and demonstrated the viability of this important, energy-and-water-saving technology for heavy oil reservoirs.

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