Wellbore Integrity Presentations

The PTRC is pleased to be able to provide, in PDF format, the presentations from the October 16-17, 2013 Wellbore Integrity Conference in Denver, Colorado.

The links to the papers, below, are in alphabetical order by author.  The opening document is a conference summary, as provided by Dr. Bill Carey.  These presentations and their contents are copyright the authors/companies, and slides should not be used without seeking permission first from the authors.

Queries my be directed to the PTRC by clicking on the CONTACT US link above.


Carey - Conference Summary

Audigane - Field Experiment at Mont Terri

Bois - Cement Sheath Integrity

Bryant - Effective Permeability Distribution

Craig - Wellbore Integrity and Regulatory

Cunningham - Wellbore Leakage

Duguid - Baseline Data Collection

Ellsworth - COGCC Regulatory Perspective

Granados - Schlumberger Geothermal Services

Hawkes - Weyburn-Midale

Hull - Advancements in Leak Source

Ingraffea - A Wellbore Integrity Study

King - Barrier Failure and Well Integrity

Kirksey - Optimizing Wellbore Integrity

Kirksey - Squeeze Cementing

Loseth - Welbore Integrity Saskatchewan

Luquot - CO2 Rich Brine Injection

Muehlenbachs - Determining the Source

Peck - Wellbore Evaluation of the Basal Cambrian

Sweatman - Finding Hidden Causes

Watson - Alberta Regulations 

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