PTRC's Heavy Oil Research Network Approves Ten Projects for Current Fiscal Year
Posted: 08.02.2018

The PTRC has approved ten research projects, arising from the Request For Proposals completed this February, for funding as part of the HORNET program.  The table below includes the project titles and research organization in receipt of funding.



Actual Effects of Porous Medium and Pressure Drawdown on Foamy Oil Flow and Oil Recovery in CHOPS Reservoirs University of Regina
Effects of Water Saturation and Foamy Oil Stability Agents on Foamy Oil Flow and CSI process University of Regina
Wormhole Structure Characterization Through Modeling and Analyzing Testing Data During Solvent Injection Post CHOPS University of Regina
Chemical Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery and Frontal Instability
Saskatchewan Research Council
Reactions of Solvent Gases with SARA Fractions Saskatchewan Research Council
Direct Visualization of Foamy Oil Generation and Stability, Non-Equilibrium Phase Behavior and Solvent mass Transfer of CO2 and CO2+HC Solvents
University of Regina
Foamy Oil Properties Matrix for CSI Saskatchewan Research Council
Modeling and Experimental Measurements of Solution Gas / Solvent Dissolution and Exsolution in Heavy Oil Collaboration: University of Regina and University of Calgary
Effects of Geomechanical Heterogeneity on Wormhole Development During CHOPS (Phase 2)
Collaboration: University of Saskatchewan and University of Alberta
CSI Simulation in Non-Wormhole Region (phase 2)
Saskatchewan Research Council


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