PTRC and CO2CRC (Australia) sign Memorandum of Understanding on Aquistore
Posted: 07.05.2016

Organizations announce agreement to undertake applied research and collaboration for carbon management.

The Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC) and the CO2 Commonwealth Research Centre (CO2CRC) are pleased to announce the formal signing of a memorandum of understanding.  As a leader in the field of carbon management, PTRC manages all research associated with Aquistore - the world’s only integrated storage project associated with an industrial scale coal-fired power plant. Aquistore provides an exclusive ‘industrial laboratory’ to test and develop viable, lower cost monitoring technologies to advance commercial CCS projects internationally. CO2CRC is a leading carbon capture and storage organization from Australia. For over a decade, CO2CRC has worked to introduce advanced technologies that support the deployment of industrial scale CCS projects. It is the only Australian organization to have undertaken full chain CCS (capture, transportation, storage).

The data sets and research emerging from Aquistore are unique. As a world-leading project, Aquistore continues to attract international attention and research partners – as evidenced by this MOU.

Tania Constable, CO2CRC’s CEO said, “Both CO2CRC and PTRC are focused on driving the costs of carbon capture and storage down to deploy CCS more quickly.  Sharing information techniques will help”.

“CO2CRC will work closely with PTRC to support this goal”, Ms Constable said.

Global Cooperation

This MOU is PTRC’s 4th international agreement related to Aquistore. Agreements have recently been signed with British, United States and Mexican organizations.

Ken From, PTRC’s CEO notes “The performance of Aquistore and the data generated are exceeding expectations of the PTRC team and the world’s research community.”

This agreement represents efforts to prepare and execute joint research, facilitate the exchange of scientists and technical personnel, and encourage dedicated CO2 storage on regional, national, and international scales.




CO2CRC collaborates with Australian and international scientific project-management talent to ensure that internal skill sets of Australian and global industry leaders, universities, and government agencies are utilized to provide industry relevant results for members.  Innovative, world-leading projects are underway in CO2CRC’s Otway Research Facility Australia’s first demonstration of deep geological storage of CO2. The projects provides technical information on the injection, storage and monitoring of CO2 that influences national policy and industry while providing assurance to the community.


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