The Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC), manager of the Aquistore CO2 storage project in Saskatchewan, is pleased to announce the signing of a Letter of Understanding with Dr. Rick Chalaturnyk at the University of Alberta where future work and collaboration will focus on CCUS research and capacity-building in Mexico.  Dr. Chalaturnyk is the CMG Research Chair in Reservoir Geomechanics for Unconventional Resources at the U of A and a former research lead with the PTRC’s WeyburnMidale... Read More
Posted: 05.11.2016
Understanding small changes in the chemistry of subsurface fluids at the Aquistore site will help scientists better understand the effect of injected CO2 on the rock and liquids 3.4 km down – crucial research for confirming the predictability and safety of CO2 storage worldwide. Just 150 metres away from the Aquistore CO2 injection well, an observation well drilled to the same 3.4 km depth is being used by research scientists to take a number of measurements in real time.  One of the most... Read More
Posted: 02.29.2016
This week, the Aquistore site is busy with the deployment and acquisition of three dimensional (3D) seismic over the injection area as well as a vertical seismic profile (VSP) around the injection well. Seismic imaging of the CO2 injected into the Aquistore well is a critical component of the monitoring program.  “Before injection started, our researchers developed a predictive computer model of where the CO2 would go in the formation,” says Don White, a geophysicist on the project and... Read More
Posted: 02.18.2016
PTRC's Aquistore is pleased to provide a project update.  Click here for all the information. Read More
Posted: 02.02.2016
The Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC) and the Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) at the University of North Dakota announced $2.5 million in U.S. Department of Energy (US DOE) funding awarded through the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL). The project will develop an ‘intelligent monitoring system’ (IMS) utilizing data acquired through PTRC’s Aquistore project. For more information on this exciting announcement, visit the Aquistore... Read More
Posted: 01.07.2016
Our 14-15 Annual report is now availible online. To view the report, please click here, or visit the Media Centre tab.  Read More
Posted: 11.30.2015
On November 20, 2015, the PTRC and Innovation Saskatchewan, along with the Canadian Light Source and University of Calgary held a press conference in Saskatoon, to announce an exciting new heavy oil reseach program. Click here to find out more. Read More
Posted: 11.17.2015
Sustainable Development Technology Canada has announced that a planned workshop on applying for funding (to be held at the PTRC's main floor board room at 6 Research Drive in Regina on September 15th) has been cancelled.  SDTC is hosting a webinar for those individuals in and around Regina interested in learning more about applications, on September 23rd.  To register for the webinar, please visit the SDTC site at Read More
Posted: 08.31.2015
The world’s first deep saline carbon dioxide storage project in association with a coal-fired power plant, Aquistore, officially opened today at SaskPower’s Boundary Dam Power Station site in Estevan, Saskatchewan.  Officials on hand for the ribbon cutting ceremony included Ed Komarnicki, Member of Parliament for Souris—Moose Mountain, Saskatchewan Environment Minister Herb Cox, MLA Doreen Eagles, Estevan City Councilor Dennis Moore, and Reeve Kelly Lafrentz. read more here...... Read More
Posted: 05.29.2015
Read two new posts provided by the University of Regina about how The PTRC is supporting research and industry in the field of enhanced heavy oil recovery. Research aims to enhance heavy oil recovery By Everett Dorma It is thick like molasses, lies deep underground and represents a big financial bonanza for Saskatchewan’s economy. It’s heavy oil and research at the University of Regina is helping lead the way in recovering this ‘black gold.’   Read more... Read More
Posted: 05.12.2015
Governments may use #Aquistore technology to reduce CO2 emmisions by half their current output.  View the fourteen minute French video below.  You can use the subtitle translation for your preferred language.         The complete article can be read at FutureMag . Read More
Posted: 05.11.2015
The Aquistore Project has begun injecting carbon dioxide 3.4 km underground in Canada’s first deep saline CO2 storage project. Over the initial injection period of six months, the project expects to inject up to 1000 tns/day for scientific research, and secure, permanent storage.  Click here to read the release at the Aquistore site. Read More
Posted: 04.27.2015
The PTRC released the March 15, 2015 Tight Oil Optimization Presentations to our website.  We were delighted to present that Workshop, sponsored by Natural Resources Canada, which was a great success for those in attendance and for the research provided by the presenters.  The electronic copies of the presentations are available here, at the PTRC Media Centre. Read More
Posted: 03.18.2015
A tentative agenda has been posted.  You may view the agenda on the TOOC Page or by clicking here: TOOC Tentative Agenda. Please frequent the post as speakers'  subjects may change from now until the event date of March 12, 2014. Read More
Posted: 02.23.2015

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