Saskatchewan is home to the largest amount of injected anthropogenic CO2 in the world, which comes from the Weyburn and Midale oilfields. Together, these two reservoirs store approximately 25 million tonnes of CO2 (as of 2014) with an additional 2.8 million tones added annually.

The Saskatchewan CO2 Oilfield Use for Storage and EOR Research project (SaskCO2USER) will advance the rich datasets from the Weyburn and Midale fields to better inform prospective CO2-EOR operators, government regulators and service providers on how to maintain the safety and integrity of CO2 storage, improve the efficiency of CO2-EOR operations, and limit liabilities and risks during operations.

SaskCO2USER is applied research for commercial application in high priority areas for CO2-EOR operations, relevant to future recognition of CO2 geological storage. Research will be undertaken by North American and European organizations, providing an international context to findings for commercialized applications. The research will build upon existing best practices and lessons learned from a decade of world-leading, peer-reviewed research undertaken by the IEAGHG Weyburn-Midale CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project (WMP).


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