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Brochures, Fact Sheets and Summary Reports

PTRC Brochure

  PTRC Complete

HORNET (Heavy Oil Research Network)

The Heavy Oil Research Network began its first year of research in 2013-2014.  The Network's brochure is below.

HORNET Program

STEPS Business-Led Network of Centres of Excellence (Enhanced Oil Recovery Program)

The STEPS BL-NCE completed its program in 2013.  The brochures below summarize the research done in the program.

STEPS Overall Program Water Program Unconventional Oil Program

For access by members to the more than 150 current and ongoing research projectscompleted in the PTRC's enhanced oil recovery research programs, please visit the PTRC's results library at

Phanerozoic Fluids

Phanerozic Fluids and Petroleum Systems Brochure

IEAGHG Weyburn-Midale CO2 Monitoring and Storage Project

Summary Report: Phase 1 Weyburn-Midale Brochure
IEAGHG Booklet:  Geological Storage of
Carbon Dioxide - Staying Safely Underground
IEAGHG Booklet: Meeting the Challenge of Climate Change
Best Practice Manual (forthcoming)

 PTRC's Response to PetroFind Report on Alleged
CO2 Leak at Weyburn Oil Field (2011)


JIVE Information Sheet
Final Report (forthcoming)


See Aquistore website for information and printable materials

Additional Publications (Past Projects)

Viking Project

This report, completed in 2007, provides a descriptive stratigraphic framework for the Viking sandstone sequence  in west-central Saskatchewan. 

Full Report                        Data                           

(Note: This is a 55 Meg ZIP file containing 37 figures)

Regional Stratigraphic Framework Phase 1 (2006) and Phase 2 (2009)

This project provides an up-to-date compliation of maps and cross-sections from stratigraphic data  for the entire Phanerozoic succession underlying much of western Saskatchewan

Full Report  (Phase1)                        Data Phase 1                            

Figures Phase 1
Note: This is a ZIP file containing 111 figures of approximately 200 megs

No report for Phase 2: Data and figures only Data Phase 2 Figures Phase 2
Note: This is a ZIP file of approximately 300 Megs


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